Beijing Conti Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is located in Changping Park, Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services. Has more than a dozen patents and three inkjet printer production base. The company has accumulated rich experience in industrial inkjet coding and e-learning equipment development. In 2003, it successfully developed the first domestic built-in pump inkjet printer; in 2005, it successfully developed the first domestic touch screen inkjet printer. The advent of this product fills the gap in China's inkjet printer industry and greatly promotes the development of China's inkjet printer industry. It has enabled China's inkjet printer to step into the ranks of the world's most advanced inkjet printers, and has opened up China's inkjet printers. A new chapter in development. Since then, the company has fostered a large number of domestic inkjet printer companies through technology transfer and other channels, which has played a significant role in the overall improvement of the technology of China's inkjet coding industry.
   Based on its own research and development advantages, Condé has launched four major series of inkjet coding equipment. Science and technology leader is the long-term development strategy of Condi. Condi Electronic Equipment Research Institute makes full use of and draws on advanced scientific research results at home and abroad. Based on strengthening its own research and development capabilities, it has formed close cooperation with many research institutes at home and abroad and has built a strong research and development system.
   At present, with its advanced technology, high-quality products, and perfect sales and service, Kangdi has won the recognition and trust of many end users such as domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, food factories, cosmetics plants, etc., and has won the "High-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun" and "National key enterprise quality reputation AAA grade" and other titles, and in 2008 passed the national ISO9001 quality system certification and the German Rhine Technical Supervision Association CE product safety and quality certification. Product quality, safety and service have reached EU standards, and market share ranks first in the industry.
   Kangdi series of ink jetting equipment has successfully gone abroad and passed testing and certification in many countries including Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Has been sold around the world.
   The company pays attention to the brand's long-term planning, based on product quality, guarantees service quality, and technology innovation is life. Through continuous development and progress, it leads the industry in the direction of modernization. Realize the common growth of social, corporate, customer, and employee values.
   Our company's desire: create a world famous brand, casting a century classic!
   Our corporate philosophy: Technology wins the world, service extension ahead!
   Our entrepreneurial spirit: pioneering and innovative, bold and enterprising!
   Our corporate mission: The potential for unlimited upgrades, to bring customers the joy of technological progress!
   Our corporate positioning: stand firm in the domestic market, gestating international brands!
   Products derived from science and technology, innovation is endless, quality is the best service!