The difference between the cleaning agent and the diluent is that the charging effect of the cleaning agent is not good, and the rest should be indistinguishable. In addition, Condé supplies are ketone based. If the customer uses a cleaning agent or solvent from another family, the solvent may react with the ink when it is used to generate a small crystal particle, which may cause blockage of the ink path.
   If this happens, you can look at the drop window. If the window is a similar horizontal line, the charge is not charged. It can also respond to the previous analysis, that is, if the cleaning agent is used as a solvent, the charging effect will be a problem. At this point, it is necessary to clean the ink path twice. Each time it takes more than one hour, after the cleaning is completed, the new ones will be replaced with new ones. In addition, one point is that the 300V voltage on the mainboard is used for charging, while the HV high voltage output on the mainboard is connected to the high voltage board after it is connected to the high voltage board.