(1) The nozzle of the Condé inkjet printer is blocked, and the ink line falls on the charging pole or the detection pole, causing the printer to drop ink and open or clean the nozzle of the printer.
   (2) Ink-jet printing machine Ink-flooding metal pipe and the welding part of the welding torch Leaking ink or ink in the metal pipe and the plastic pipe joint Leaking ink, re-weld or replace the gun or unscrewed and cut off the original plastic pipe connector, and then install.
   (3) The printer recovers the ink leaks from the welded joints of the metal pipe and the spray gun, or from the joints between the recycled metal pipe and the plastic pipe. Replace the spray gun by replacing it after welding or re-unscrewing and cut the connection port of the original plastic pipe before installation.
   (4) The O-ring of the printer is damaged. Replace the O-ring.
   (5) The nozzle nut of the printer is not tightened and tightened again.

   (6) The coder nails are loosened and tightened again.