If the nozzle is clogged, the ink line will be skewed. Press [Stop] at this time. During the stop process, the thinner is added to the nozzle to clean the nozzle. You can also press the cleaning button after stopping, then use the cleaning ball to add thinner to the nozzle, clean for 1 minute, and then press the ink supply to start the button. If not, repeat the above operation.
   If the nozzle is severely clogged, the nozzle needs to be removed and cleaned. Cleaning method: Unscrew the nozzle cap, place the nozzle inside the cap into the cap of the solvent cap, pour the half cap solvent, and then block the cap by hand, and then use a tweezers or a small wrench to vibrate until it is clear. After putting it into the gland, note that the nozzle is a funnel type. The big hole in the middle of the nozzle faces upwards. It can be installed in place. Do not twist it too tightly. In the manual test, adjust the ink line to the recycler and restart the ink supply.