Before the printer is serviced, it is necessary to understand the working principle of the printer. Carefully and carefully read the manual of the printer used to purchase the printer. It is better to have a professional printer factory training. The most common problems with inkjet printers are ink problems, spare parts issues, and motherboard failures.


     Ink problems are a major problem in the printer maintenance process. For example, if the inks are replaced neatly and the quality of the inks is off, the printer will cause some soft failures, such as floating ink lines and hanging ink. Therefore, the problem of ink has become an invisible bottleneck in the maintenance process. It is also a problem that requires special attention.
     The issue of printer accessories is also a key issue. As the saying goes, there is no machine that can't be repaired, and there are enough spare parts that can naturally be replaced. In the absence of enough spare parts, it can be used without it. The most typical is the high pressure sensor and the main pump.
     The printer failure caused by the motherboard problem is also crucial. The most important spare part in the printer is the motherboard. If the pump speed is abnormal or the motherboard is burned out. This requires replacement of the motherboard during the repair process.
     The above points are a summary of the maintenance of inkjet printer faults. In the process of use, it is inevitable that you will encounter many different problems. Just look carefully at the reason for the printer's failure and use related knowledge and experience to dispose of it. I believe that everyone Will gradually accumulate more experience and be handy in the future maintenance process.