•  Kingly inkjet cleaner
Kingly inkjet cleaner

Product Introduction

   Cleaning agent, also known as cleaning fluid, is a necessity for inkjet printers, code printers, pad printers, ribbon coders, and manual coders! Mainly used to clean inkjet printer nozzles, printer internal ink system, cleaning inkjet printers, erasing inkjet printing products, etc., regardless of your product is sprayed on the printer, or coder, move When the printer hits it, just wipe it lightly with him to magically remove all the writing!

    1. Pour the cleaning liquid into the cleaning pot and rinse the printer, sprayer, and the surface of the product.
    2. Use a paper towel and a clean cloth with a little cleaning solution to quickly wipe out the wrong coding area.
    3. This product is volatile, after use, please tighten the lid to extend the use of time.
    4. It should be noted that the marking of special materials (such as wood, paper, etc.) cannot be removed.
    Note: After use, pay attention to ventilation, such as the entrance of the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water, there is still discomfort, please timely medical treatment!