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Pen Machining Equipment - Conveyor Belts

Product Introduction

   The conveyor belt is made of stainless steel. The electronic governor with automatic speed measurement and speed control circuit is matched with the motor and has high stability. The conveyor belt adopts Italy's high anti-static PVC industrial belt and has high anti-static capability. This section is mainly used to transport glass bottles, plastic bottles, caps, metal, plastic bags, paper boxes, cartons, labels, etc., to facilitate inkjet printers, laser machines for streamlining operations, coding, coding, is the various brands of inkjet printers , Laser printers must be equipped with printing equipment, spray engraving production date, batch number anti-counterfeiting marks, and patterns.
     The company's conveyor can be used in conjunction with the inkjet printer, or it can be used independently. After use, it will greatly increase the worker's working speed, save the time, save labor, and greatly reduce the production cost.
Application industry:
Food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronic components, tobacco, chemicals, cosmetics, automotive parts and other industries;
Technical parameters: (non-standard customized according to demand, the following parameters are standard parameters, please consult our company for details)
Equipment Name: Coder Conveyor
Model Number :KD-150
Length: 1500mm
Width: 193mm (PVC, black belt width)
Height: 750mm
Speed: 0-23 meters/minute adjustable
Motor: Speed Control Motor
Motor power: 60w
Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz
Speed control mode: electronic stepless speed regulation
Positioning method: two adjustable shutters
Frame Size: (Length) 1500×(Width) 245(Sheath Bandwidth 200)×(Height) 750(mm)
Weight: 25kg