•  kingly inkjet printer ink (500ml/1L)
kingly inkjet printer ink (500ml/1L)

Product Introduction

   The company inkjet printer supplies (ink, thinner, solvents, cleaning agent), first-class quality, large quantity Congyou, and provide customers with a variety of product identification solutions, experienced, professional technology, affordable, welcome new and old customers call advisory.
   Product advantages:
   Ink has a strong chemical stability, ink production is completely in a sterile, constant temperature environment, thus ensuring that the ink is valid for 36 months; mature ingredients and color adjustment and strict scientific processing technology to ensure The color of the ink is never discolored and the storage time is long; the strict purification system ensures that the print head should not be blocked for ink causes.
Safety test: The safety and non-toxicity of the test ink ensures that the ink is absolutely harmless to the human body.
Media testing: Verify the high degree of ink compatibility to ensure that the ink can be widely applied to a wide range of print media.
Environmental test: Test the printing quality of the ink in an environment with large temperature difference between cold and hot, ensuring the stability of the ink in various environments.
Corrosion test: Check the pH of the ink to ensure that the ink does not harm the print head.
Waterproof test: test the ink's penetration ability, ensure that the water can not be washed out after printing.
Wear test: Check the firmness of the ink and ensure that the graphics are printed on the corresponding media for permanence.

Our company's inkjet printer ink is divided into 500ml (20 bottles in a box), 1000ml (12 bottles in a box), 5000ml (4 barrels in a box) packaging. Price concessions, large favorably!

   Note: After use, pay attention to ventilation, such as the entrance of the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water, there is still discomfort, please timely medical treatment!