•  Kingly inkjet printer thinner (500ml/1L)
Kingly inkjet printer thinner (500ml/1L)

Product Introduction

   Diluent, also known as diluent or solvent, is the base solvent for the ink. The role of the diluent is to dilute the ink to a standard viscosity set by the printer. This process is done automatically in the ink mixing cylinder. The printer uses a viscosity detector to determine whether to add ink or add dilution. Agent. Only the viscosity of the ink is within the range set by the machine. The charging of the ink and the flying distance of the ink dot will not deviate. The printing effect can be guaranteed.
   Since the small-size machine is a continuous ink supply principle, it is necessary to add thinner. The ink of the standard viscosity is in contact with the atmosphere during the cycle. The solvent in the ink continuously evaporates, resulting in the ink viscosity gradually increasing, and the high viscosity may affect the ink dots. The charging will directly affect the flying distance of ink dots, and the printing effect will have errors. Therefore, when the viscosity of the ink is detected to be abnormal, the machine automatically adds a diluent to ensure that the ink in the mixing cylinder maintains a standard viscosity value and ensures the print quality.

   Our company's thinner is divided into 500ml (16 bottles in a box), 1000ml (12 bottles in a box), 5000ml (4 barrels in a box) packaging. Price concessions, large favorably!

   Note: After use, pay attention to ventilation, such as the entrance of the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water, there is still discomfort, please timely medical treatment!